Sunday March 8, 2020 // Afternoon Nap

I’ve been stuck in nap jail for the past hour+ with no end in sight. Today Daylight Savings Time began and I have zero clue how it’s gonna effect the little guy. But here we are, in the rocker, and I’m realizing I haven’t written in seemingly forever. So I’m just going to free write some. Something on my mind is Corona and what it’s going to be like to travel with a baby during it.

Spring Training Blues

Baseball season is gearing up. Spring Training games are in full force. MLB Network just plays repeats of ST games instead of original programming or The Sandlot for the billionth time. My friends are headed down the West Palm Beach in a few days. We were invited but declined. We have a big trip coming up in a couple months and can’t get the additional time away from work.

I’m bummed to miss out. However the Corona fears have me feeling a little better about skipping the trip. The Nationals have already announced they won’t be signing autographs — only giving away some pre-signed items.

I doubt they’re going to do selfies either which is more fun and meaningful IMO. The quick pictures I got with Gio Gonzalez and Bob & FP from 2018 are some of my favorite non-kid related pictures.

Upcoming Cali/DeN Trip with Our Baby

Our trip in a couple months is slowly beginning to weigh on my mind. Corona makes travel with a baby difficult. Or does it?

Is it dangerous to take him flying? What if he gets sick while we’re away from home? How do we keep him safe and Corona-free??

We’re staying domestic — Southern California + Denver. We will be near fantastic hospitals (at least I’m assuming LA + Denver have good medical services). Our Airbnbs get 5 stars on virtually every rating, especially cleanliness. We have family near Denver and I have friends in SoCal. So we’re putting ourselves in the best situations possible for traveling with a baby.

But it still makes me nervous. You know what though? I’d still feel this way without Corona. Sure, it’s heightening my anxiety somewhat. But I know that we’re still gonna travel. We’re still going to go outside of our comfort zones. We’re gonna take the little guy with us and show him the world. Show him that there is a lot to be mindful of but not much to be scared of.

Okay. Little guy is starting to stir. Going to cut this off here.

– Josh //