In the Thick of It

Thursday January 26, 2023 // Post-Work + Pre-Daycare Pickup

I blinked and the calendar was flipping to February. I feel as though I’m going to blink again and it’ll be 2024. Another blink and my kid will be asking to borrow the car.

This year, and this week in particular, has thus far been a CF. Chaos. Not even organized chaos. Between illnesses, car wrecks, work implosions, you name it… Something has been on fire at all times. I am in the thick of it.

Did you know that term – in the thick of ithas been used since the mid-1600s?

On the rare occurrence I remember to practice a bit of mindfulness, I always see how people say life goes by so fast once you have kids. As soon as I pick up the little man in ~an hour it’s going to be non-stop until 8:30 PM when he finally passes out then tack on another hour of miscellaneous chores. It’s now 9:30 PM and I’m wiped out. A few minutes of scrolling on the little screen, messing around on the medium screen, or staring at the large screen and it’s time to power down for the night. Then we repeat tomorrow.

This isn’t meant to sound like a complaint. Each day is a gift, even when the dog needs to go out 31 times because she has now come down with something and it’s also 31° F outside.

The thick of it is tough, man. The world constantly trying to pull you back down. Keep you from doing the things you are aspiring to do. I don’t have answers. I can only show you a glimpse of the same struggle you might be having. Keep with it. The worst that will happen is we stay in place. But the best case scenario?? Hopefully we’ll see that one day.

– Josh // Putting out fires

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