What Are You Putting Off?

Wednesday February 16, 2022 // Bedtime

I don’t recall why. Maybe it was a Calm meditation. Or a passage in a book I’m reading. A comment in a show. Who knows. But the other day something hit me — I’ve been putting off so many things.

The past ~3.5 years of us getting pregnant, having a child, and living through a pandemic has put me into this perpetual state of treading nearly every aspect of my life.

Just make it through today. Get to Friday at 5pm. Make it through the holiday season. Once you make it past [insert hurdle here] you can come up for a breather.

I think this feeling is normal. Most elder parents I know will tell me life just continues to accelerate. I sense it. But can we combat this? Or are we even supposed to? Both are questions I don’t have answers to.

Something I can control, however, is the guilt I feel over the procrastination of my aspirations. Heck, not just aspirations but even tiny random to-do’s for literally any aspect of my life (EVF, home maintenance, relationships with friends/family, brushing my dog’s teeth, etc.).

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I can’t do it all at once. I’ll never get this list completed. That’s fine. I will make an intentional effort to push the ball forward though. I don’t want to just get through the day. Work for the weekend. Sprint for a month just for a long weekend holiday.

For now, I’ve set a daily reminder set on my phone for 10am to “Stop putting things off”. It’s not too late in the day for me already being burnt out and pushing myself too hard. It’s right in the sweet spot of my usual productivity period. Sure, I’m usually busy at that time of the day but it’s in the front of my mind to make today meaningful.

Since enabling this little nudge about a week ago I’ve started to chip away at these nagging tasks and building towards aspirations I want to one day accomplish.

– Josh // Taking it one day at a time

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