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Saturday December 28, 2019 // Morning, Still Asleep

Moments ago I was in another Chrome tab attempting to work on a blog post for my other site. Work began on it two weeks ago. There’s a couple hundred words written and I’m still not to the “meat” of the post. It feels…forced.

A common monster I’ve battled over there is trying not to have it feel like work. It’s a side project. It’s supposed to be “fun” or at least not like work. It shouldn’t be soul-sucking or tax some part of my creative brain making it feel like it’s selling out or not providing value or not creating “art.”

A few years ago I joined a small mastermind group. One guy was from Austria IIRC. There was a woman from a flyover state and another woman my age from NYC. After a few months it was just me and the woman from NYC left. Her project was going a transformation at the time and so was mine.

My main goal back then was that I didn’t want my project to feel like work. That I just wanted to create & publish — similar to what I’m doing here. I’m not quite sure I ever did succeed with that.

That was years ago, man. 2016 maybe? And look at us now. Four years later and we’re still working on our projects.

We haven’t spoken or emailed each other in awhile. I get the email updates from her project and she gets mine. And I hope our email opens that register in MailChimp are enough to know that we’re still rooting for each other.

It’s hard out there for creators. I haven’t attempted to connect with other people with side projects similar to mine since back then. Maybe it’s something I should reconsider doing…

Sounds like the little guy is up. Gotta cut this short.

– Josh // searching for fun

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