Where to Begin

Thursday January 12, 2023 // Late Afternoon

Last night I got to dig through some past blog posts on a site of mine that is no longer active. Once upon a time ago I used to write and publish every day. I kept this up for a few years until I lost interest and I accomplished the goal I set out to make – learn how to ship something frequently, even if I was uncomfortable.

A lot of the lessons learned have now rusted over but not everything. Anyway, the point is that there were some writings that I really enjoyed having. Mainly this is the writings I did while traveling. Now that I pulled the plug on my site, these articles live in Google Docs, emails to myself, and in my Notes app. Sifting through these memories made me reminisce not only on the happenings in the writings themselves but also the act of writing. Of opening up a [digital] fresh page each day and punching buttons until words become sentences and I ultimately hit that WordPress Publish button.

So I’m here. On a fresh page. Punching buttons in the hope of making coherent words. Trying to figure out where to re-begin with this whole thing.

The past nearly three years I’ve had minimal interaction outside of my ever-shrinking townhouse. That’s not a complaint; only an observation. I feel that I have less to write about as being less out in the world gives me less inspiration. Inspiration can be found elsewhere though. Let the hunt begin.

– Josh // Punching buttons

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