Future Travel Adventures With My Family

Friday August 23rd, 2019 // Past Bedtime

During my lunch break at work today I was feeling pretty down about the recent hamster wheel it’s felt like I’ve been on. It goes a little like this: 4:00 AM diaper change. 5:30 AM alarm clock. Hour drive to work. Eight hour day. Hour+ drive home. Then fun with my son for the next four or so hours. Pass out. Repeat the next day.

I needed to feel better and since we’re not too far off from our upcoming Asheville trip it got me thinking… What other travel adventures do I want to go on with my wife and kid?

I busted out my Notes app and started writing. Here’s a handful I came up with:

  • Visit every MLB ballpark
  • Visit every MLB ballpark in one epic road trip
  • Drive across country
  • Train across country
  • Go to Vietnam so my son can meet his extended family
  • Visit the Faroe Islands 🇫🇴 — Some travel blogger I follow on Instagram went a few months ago and it looked amazing so I started following like 15 different Faroe Islands Instagram accounts and now it’s like my #1 travel destination. The internet is weird like that.
  • Walk the Camino de Santiago — Do yourself a favor and watch The Way if you’ve never seen it
  • Eat street food in as many countries as we can
  • Take him to Disney World
  • Go to Nationals Spring Training
  • Go to the Cactus League Spring Training
  • Drive to Maine without taking a highway
  • Spend an entire summer at the beach
  • Take our son to all the cool places we’ve been (Nice, Paris, Kamakura, Kyoto, Hakone, Tokyo, Seoul, Phu Quoc, Da Lat, Saigon, etc.)

There’s 50 or so places / countries I could list out for us to visit but I think that’s a good start. We’ll get through Asheville first then start planning the next one.

– Josh // feeling a bit better

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