A Snow Day with My Four and a Half Year Old

Friday January 19, 2024 // Late Morning

It snowed this morning. About 3″ of fluffy snow. My kid is now four and a half – and you better not forget the “and a half.” He helped me shovel. He absolutely loved it. We shoveled our driveway, our sidewalk, then three of our neighbors’ sidewalks. For a newbie shoveler, he did stellar.

We met up with our friends who live down the street. They have a three and a half year old. The kids took turns sitting on the new plastic sled (or “sleigh” as my kid calls it) he got from his aunt for Christmas. I pulled them down the small hill near our house.

They laughed. I laughed. Our hats were covered in snow. His cheeks were bright red by the time he decided he was hungry and wanted to go inside. We’ve been inside now for an hour and the red has mostly faded.

My wife snapped a few photos of us while we were shoveling. I’m sure in a month or a year this day will blend in with all the other ones. But right now, as I heat up some chicken nuggets for lunch and put out some fruit my kid won’t touch, it’s the best day ever.

– Josh // Still here

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