Break the Funk Gunk

Tuesday January 31, 2023 // Early Afternoon

This is probably cheesy but lately I’ve been in a funk and I’ve been working on a strategy to “break the funk gunk”. Yeah, it’s cheesy.

In my last post I talked about being in the thick of it – bogged down by a billion things, mostly out of my control. This has had a direct impact on my funk. My normal over-achieving self has been satisfied with achieving. I’m beaten down by life at the end of the day despite sitting at a desk in my home all day long in sweats and then playing Magna-Tiles with my three-year-old all evening. It feels like I’m Atreyu pulling Artax through the Swamps of Sadness trying to get myself to do the easiest tasks each day.

GIF from the Neverending Story scene with Atreyu pulling his horse Artax through the Swamps of Sadness

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