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Tuesday February 11, 2020 // Bedtime

I’m sitting here rocking my son to sleep. Most nights he’ll fall asleep on his own but tonight he needed a little extra help. I’m sitting here, staring at him, knowing I can put him down at anytime and he’ll stay asleep but I don’t want to.

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A 100% Father

Friday July 26th, 2019 // 11:30 PM

Kiddo is asleep. Mama is asleep. I should be too. He’ll be up anytime in the next 60-90 minutes for his middle of the night feeding. Then he’ll be down again until around 4:00 AM — give or take a half an hour.

We’re 5 weeks in. Man, time has flown. Feels like yesterday we were rushing to the hospital. Feels like last week we found out we were pregnant.

Little guy has already outgrown some of his newborn clothes. We didn’t even get him into all his newborn onesies! Everyone says it goes by fast. That you blink and they’re grown up. I believed them, truly. But living it is something else.

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