What is Important?

Thursday January 23, 2020 // Lunchtime

What is important? I’m not talking about the “urgent vs. important” topic that always comes up in discussions about productivity. I’m talking about life.

What’s important in life?

As a new father, a lot of my thinking is directly related to parenthood.

The things that are important are…

  • Being present when I’m with my kid
  • Being able to provide a stable lifestyle and finances for my family
  • Being able to go to sleep at night knowing I tried hard that day
  • Continually trying to improve myself
  • Spending as much time with my family as possible
  • Creating something to leave behind for the world
  • Remembering that our time here is brief
  • Challenging myself physically (something I need to do more of)
  • Smiling and laughing every once in awhile (something else I need to do more of)
  • Having new experiences as often as possible
  • Being at peace with yourself
  • Remembering it’s not about what you did in the past but about what you are doing right now
  • Seeing your friends and extended family as much as possible
  • Remembering you can’t control other people but you can control how you react to them
  • Getting proper sleep, drinking water, and moving
  • Stopping and taking a deep breath
  • Not spending all day in front of the TV, computer, iPad, or phone
  • Reading to my kid
  • Playing on the floor with my kid
  • Rocking my kid to sleep without getting frustrated

That’s my list. I’m sure there’s more but that’s a good start. What’s on yours?

– Josh // trying to maintain focus on the important things

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